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Aviation Insider: Aviation Museums at the Crossroads

Dec 28, 2012 No Comments

Walter Boyne, former director of the National Air and Space Museum, explains the business from the inside out  By Barrett Tillman Humans are collectors. We keep items that are important to us and preserve them for future memory—our own and memories of those yet unborn. Therefore, museums represent the institutional memory of nations and cultures, [...]

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One of a Kind: McDonnell XP-67 Bat

Dec 28, 2012 1 Comment

Did McDonnell design the world’s first stealth aircraft … before Pearl Harbor? By Steve Pace Founded by James S. McDonnell in 1939, the McDonnell Aircraft Corporation (McAir) became a major supplier of fighter aircraft to the U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps. Yet its first fighter-type offerings—Models 1 through 5, were presented to the U.S. [...]

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Civil Air Patrol to Honor Veterans as Part of Wreath-laying Salute

Dec 07, 2012 No Comments

MAXWELL AIR FORCE BASE, Ala. — Members of Civil Air Patrol are proud to partner once more with Wreaths Across America, a nonprofit organization that recognizes the courage and sacrifices of U.S. veterans by placing wreaths on the graves of the fallen during the holiday season. This year, in tribute to the 25 million men and [...]

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Drone Pilots: How to Combat Boredom

Nov 26, 2012 No Comments

How do drone pilots stay alert during 12-hour missions, especially considering that they’re in a control room while the UAV they’re piloting can be hundreds of miles away? This Gizmag article by David Szondy shares how MIT researchers are looking into ways to combat pilot boredom during long drone flights: The saying that “war is [...]

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Has the Beloved Gooney Bird Finally Met Its Match?

Nov 26, 2012 No Comments

The Boeing Airplane Company launched its 737 Twinjet commercial jetliner program in the mid-1960s not knowing how many sales it would ultimately generate. In fact, the 737 program was more of a gamble than a sure bet. That has all changed over time. The 737 has become the most popular and biggest-selling jetliner of all [...]

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The Fight for Freedom … and Souvenirs

Nov 26, 2012 1 Comment

By Budd Davisson, Photos courtesy of Jack Cook Is it a strictly American trait? Or is it the same for fighting men worldwide: when the fighting is over, or even in a lull, they start looking for souvenirs. And sometimes do so to amazing extremes. Most of the time, this souvenir addiction only comes to light [...]

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The First Air War in 100 Objects

Nov 20, 2012 No Comments

With the Centenary of the First World War just 18 months away, the Royal Air Force Museum is asking members of the public what objects from its archives they would like to see displayed in a narrative that will explain the role of aviation in this momentous event. The most popular items voted for by [...]

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The Man Called Brown Condor: The Forgotten History of an African American Fighter Pilot

Oct 22, 2012 No Comments

The following is courtesy of Skyhorse Publishing ( How did a black child, growing up in segregationist Mississippi during the early 1900s, become the commander of the Imperial Ethiopian Air Corps during the brutal Italo-Ethiopian War of 1935? In this gripping, never-before-told tale, biographer Thomas E. Simmons brings to life Robinson’s outstanding success in becoming [...]

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