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What does the digital subscription include?

The digital subscription includes access via your Internet browser to the digital version. The digital subscription does not include the print issue.

What does the print + digital subscription include?

Print + digital includes the printed edition, plus access to the digital edition, and the iPhone and Android apps.

I just purchased a new subscription, why can’t I access back issues?

Your new digital subscription works just like the print version – it starts with the latest newsstand issue and archives issues going forward.

I have a longstanding print subscription, why can’t I see back issues for all those years?

Digital editions are a newer product, Air Age titles were released via the digital platform starting with the current newsstand issue at date of launch and accumulating forward.

Digital access for print subscribers was added early in 2012, and started with the current digital newsstand issue.

Why can’t I see all issues available on the app?

Digital editions available via the app launched in 2012, with the current newsstand issue at date of launch and are accumulating going forward.

I already have a print subscription, how do I access my digital edition?

Your email is your key to access your digital edition, we need to have your current preferred email address on file. If you need to add or edit your email, you can do so by visiting the appropriate customer service page and editing your email. Have your account number handy (found on the label with your mailing address).

Is Flight Journal  available for the NOOK?

Yes, the NOOK version is available via the Barnes and Noble website, see Digital Editions>Flight Journal  NOOK Version.

I have a print + digital subscription, can I access via the NOOK?

The NOOK version is published separately by Barnes & Noble and is not included with the print + digital or digital subscription.

How do I access my digital edition offline?

From your PC
• Open your digital magazine in a browser window on your Mac or PC
• Select download from the top navigation save the PDF to your desktop
• Drag and drop your PDF into iTunes Library>Books to add it
• If you wish to view it on your iPad, sync your iPad to itunes, your books will appear in your iBooks app

From your iPad-iPhone
Download the free iBooks app to your iPad if you haven’t already done so, checking to be sure that the Books option is available under the iTunes>LIBRARY option.* Then follow these steps

• Open your digital magazine in a browser window
• Select download the PDF located above Contents
• After the download completes, tap the top of the screen under the navigation, open in iBooks will appear
• Tap the open in iBooks option and it will add to your iBooks app

Where do I access my digital edition?

You can access your digital edition via your Internet browser, select Digital Edition from the top navigation and Flight Journal digital from the drop-down menu. You can login with your email via the pop window where it says “current subscribers login here.”

Why can’t I access my digital edition?

There could be several reasons: outdated, incorrect or no email on file, your subscription may not be current, or we do not have your correct credit card on file to process your renewal. For questions regarding the status of your subscription, or to edit or add your email go to:
Customer Service

Why can I change my email and/or mailing address?

You can view and make changes to your account here
Customer Service

How can I buy a gift subscription or give a gift of site membership?

You can purchase a print + digital gift subscription here.
You can purchase a digital only subscription here.

Gift cards are available at in $30, $50 and $75 increments. They may be used to purchase gift subscriptions and/or Site Memberships here.

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