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1903 – The world’s first successful heavier-than-air aircraft engine, which will power the Wright brothers‘ first airplane in December 1903, runs for the first time in Dayton, Ohio.

1912 – Birth of Fusata Iida, Sino-Japanese and World War II Japanese flying ace.

1945 – Death of Kenji Kato, Japanese World War II flying ace.

1959 – The last Convair B-36 Peacemaker in operational U.S. Air Force service, is retired to Fort Worth’s Amon Carter Field, where it is put on display; the Strategic Air Command is now equipped with an all-jet bomber force.

1985 – First flight of the Aermacchi M-290 TP RediGO (shown), an Italian turboprop-powered military basic trainer aircraft, originally manufactured by Valmet of Finland as the L-90 TP Redigo.

2012 – A Katanga Express Gulfstream IV crashes while landing at Kavumu Airport at Bukavu, Democratic Republic of the Congo, killing four of the seven people on board and two people on the ground and prompting the Congolese government to suspend Katanga Express’s license.

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