On This Day in Aviation History

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1911 – A quarter-million Indians watch a flying display in Calcutta by French pilot Henri Jullerot in his military biplane.

1913 – Birth of Pierre Le Gloan, French World War II flying ace.

1944 – First flight of the McDonnell XP-67 “Bat” or “Moonbat” (shown), an American twin-engine, single-seat interceptor prototype.

1960 – National Airlines Flight 2511, a Douglas DC-6B, is destroyed in mid-air by a bomb while en route from New York City to Miami; among the fatalities is Edward Orrick McDonnell, early American naval aviator and the first man to fly an airplane off a battleship.

1971 – The U.S. Marine Corps takes delivery of its first Hawker Siddeley AV-8A Harriers.

2006 – Death of Hugh Clowers Thompson Jr., a U.S. Army helicopter pilot during the Vietnam War who was best known for his role in stopping the My Lai Massacre.

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