On This Day in Aviation History

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1911 – French Lieutenant de Vaisseau Jean Louis Conneau (pseudonym André Beaumont) wins the Circuit of Europe air race in a Blériot XI monoplane. 1921 – First flight of the Fairey Pintail (shown), a British single-engine floatplane fighter. 1960 – Birth of Kevin Anthony Ford, U.S. Air Force pilot and NASA astronaut. 1962 – Alitalia Flight 771, a Douglas DC-8, hits high terrain while [...]

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Airbus E-Fan Prepares to Hop Channel

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It is more than 100 years since Louis Bleriot made the first cross English Channel flight from Calais to Dover ushering in a new era of aviation.  But next week Airbus will take the next giant leap in air travel when the company embarks on the longest-ever manned electric flight. Reversing Bleriot’s 1909 route, French [...]

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Fourth of July: The Birth of a Nation, Celebration of a Culture

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Eleven score and nineteen years ago, our great, great, great, great, great, great. great grandfathers put their butts on the line to create a new nation and, to follow Abe’s words more precisely, the new nation was “…conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.” Although he was dedicating [...]

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On This Day in Aviation History

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1896 – Birth of George William Gladstone Gauld, Canadian World War I flying ace. 1923 – The first commercial flight is operated by SABENA between Brussels and London. 1962 – The Boeing Vertol 107 II (shown), an American medium-lift, tandem-rotor helicopter, enters scheduled service with New York Airways. 1968 – Death of Willi Gabriel, German [...]

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Vulcan Makes Last Flight Over RAF Base

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Hundreds of aircraft enthusiasts lined the A15 on Sunday to watch Avro Vulcan bomber XH558 fly over RAF Waddington for the last time. Police closed the section of the road by the viewing area so that the crowds could fill the road and enjoy the iconic aircraft’s final goodbye. The engine life of the 55-year-old aircraft, which was [...]

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On This Day in Aviation History

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1893 – Birth of Cosimo Rizzotto, Italian World War I flying ace. 1918 – Death of Edward Carter Eaton, Canadian World War I flying ace, killed in action in his Sopwith Camel. 1946 – The U.S. Army Air Force and the U.S. Navy adopt the “knot” and “nautical mile” as standard aeronautical units for speed [...]

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Iraqi General Crashes F-16 in Arizona

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An Iraqi pilot who has been training in the United States for four years was flying an F-16 Fighting Falcon aircraft that crashed in southern Arizona, a spokesman for the Iraqi defense minister said Thursday. “We have no word yet on his fate or the reason behind the crash,” Brig. Gen. Tahseen Ibrahim told The [...]

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F-82B Twin Mustang – Free Screen Saver

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  Each time we produce an issue of Flight Journal, we go through literally hundreds and hundreds of photos, but only about one out of 20 ends up gracing one of the pages. The net result is that we have an awful lot of photos that didn’t quite fit the layout, but they are great [...]

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