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Which three famous Pilots would you invite to a Bar?

Which three famous Pilots would you invite to a Bar?

Here’s something fun. We all have our favorite pilots, whether a modern day pilot, a WW1 or WW2 ace, A Mustang driver from MiG alley during the Korean War, or a Wild Weasel from Vietnam, these are the guys that got the job done. Tell us who you’d like to invite to a bar, have a drink with and spend some time with. Here are our three favorites. Tell us about your 3 favorite Pilots in the Comments section.

aces, astronauts, aviation history, Bell X1, famous pilots, reno racing, space shuttle, Thunderbolt, X-1

Captain Chuck Yeager with the X-1 supersonic research aircraft in 1947, shortly after breaking the sound barrier. (US Air Force).

aces, astronauts, aviation history, Bell X1, famous pilots, reno racing, space shuttle, Thunderbolt, X-1


Francis “Gabby” Gabreski. the top American and USAAF ace over Europe during WW2 (28 confirmed air and 3 on the ground), and a jet fighter ace (6.5 MiG 15s) with the US Air Force flying F-86 Sabre Jets during  the Korean War.

aces, astronauts, aviation history, Bell X1, famous pilots, reno racing, space shuttle, Thunderbolt, X-1

Robert “Hoot” Gibson in the cockpit of an F-18 Hornet

Robert “Hoot” Gibson. Reno racer, test pilot, retired NASA astronaut and Space Shuttle Pilot and all around nice guy–with an RC model airplane background.


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  1. My 3:
    1. Wiley Post
    2. Douglas Bader
    3. Joe Foss

  2. My three are: Bob Hoover, Neil Armstrong and Greg Boyington.

  3. Olds, Foss, and Yeager

  4. Mr Robert A. Hoover in whatever the hell he wants to bring. Sean D. Tucker in his Orocal (spelling). AND, General James H. Doolittle again,in whatever he wishes to fly. Honorable mention: Gabby Gabreski, Robert S. Johnson, Hal Krier, Art School, John Glenn, and Matt and Bobby Younkin.

  5. I would be honored to lift a glass with any of your three picks, and with a hundred other great pilots, but these three immediately came to mind:
    Scott Crossfield
    Bob Hoover
    John Glenn

  6. fighter aces to a bar???????????? Don Blakeslee, Francis Gabreski, and Joseph McConnel. Other than American would be Saburo Sakai, Robert Stanford Tuck, Adof Galland. Other honorable mentions would be Bud Anderson, Erich Hartmann, Joe Foss, Richard Bong to name a few.

  7. Bob Hoover is the fighter pilot I would like to invite. Though not a “fighter pilot” Tony Levier is another. Tony was a fighter of a different sort and a great test pilot.

  8. Leo Loudenslager – Exceptional Aerobatic show pilot and airline pilot.
    Wayne Handley – super everything pilot, aerobatic, military, crop duster.
    Svetlana Kapanina – Terrific Russian aerobatic pilot.
    And of course Budd Davisson – All around accomplished everything pilot and story teller who is so good at illuminating the joy and thrill of flying to the rest of us. I just couldn’t limit it without him.

  9. #1 James Stewart, the actor, but more remarkable as a B-24 pilot and (I think) Wing Commander who flew many combat missions and retired as a General Officer. He was known to say that his air force career was more significant to him than his movie career.

    #2 Boone Guyton, pre-WWII Navy dive bomber pilot and noted Vought Test Pilot. Also a gifted author. Great pilots are not always great communicators as I have learned through a handful of books. Boone Guyton is one of the remarkable exceptions.

    #3 Neil Armstrong. Need I say more?

  10. Yeager, Bud Anderson & Robin Olds

  11. John Godfrey, David McCampbell and Joe Foss.

  12. Erich Hartmann,
    undoubtedly N1 Ace overall and a big role model during and after WWII who is quoted having said something so true as: war is made by old men that know each and do not hurt one another and where young men that do not know each other kill each other

  13. While not known for the number of enemy kills, I would have to add Bob Hoover to the list for sure – he advanced both military and civilian aviation, flew 59 Spitfire missions with the 52 Fighter Group, and as a consultant He taught military pilots the advanced capabilities of their aircraft. He was back-up pilot and flew chase for Chuck Yeager on the Bell X-1 missions, not to mention his aerial antics with his P-51 and Aero-Commander Shrike! Interesting aviator for sure!

  14. I would definitely choose Robert “Hoot” Gibson. He has tried all levels of aviation from R/C model aircraft to NASA astronaut and is a game player. He has been out there dong it even at Reno.
    I would love to hear his experiences in al of these fields over a few beers.

  15. Eddie Rickenbacker
    Douglas Corrigan
    Frank Tallman

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