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So What Happens to Old Airliners?

So What Happens to Old Airliners?

A recent visit by Aviation Week to Suttgart, Ark., revealed yet another former Lufthansa Cityline Bombardier CRJ700. Tail number D-ACPB, which arrived last week, is shown below awaiting part-out.

This aircraft joins D-ACPA and D-ACPG, both of which were flown farther north into Blytheville, Ark., last year for part-out. Stuttgart is home to CAVU Aerospace which is in the process of parting out a handful of other airliners including a Boeing 747-400, a 767-300ER, some 737-300s and -500s (below), two ATR 72s and two CRJ200s.

For photos and the complete story by Brian Bostick of Aviationweek, click here.

Photo by Brian Bostick, Aviationweek

Updated: April 9, 2014 — 9:13 AM

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