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On This Day in Aviation History

On This Day in Aviation History

1887 – Birth of Josef Mai, German World War I fighter ace and World War II instructor.

1919 – Airplane builder William E. Boeing and Eddie Hubbard of Hubbard Air Service make the first international airmail flight from Seattle, Wash., to Victoria, B.C., Canada in a Boeing C-700 (Model 2) seaplane.

1926 – Air service to Red Lake, Ontario, Canada, begins when J.V. Elliot and A.H. Farringtron of Elliot Air Service flies two Curtiss JN-4s with a passenger in each from Hudson to Red Lake.

1974 – Turkish Airlines Flight 981, a DC-10, crashes into forest near Ermenonville, France, after the rear cargo hatch blows off, causing decompression and severing cables that leave the pilots with almost no control; 346 perish.

1986 – First flight of the Cessna Model 208B Super Cargomaster, an American single-turboprop engined cargo aircraft and an evolutionary model of the 208 series.

2003 – Death of Jerauld Richard “Jerry” Gentry (shown), U.S. Air Force test pilot and Vietnam War veteran; he also was the chief USAF pilot of the Lifting Body Research Program.


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