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Florida Marina Jet Headed for Retirement

Florida Marina Jet Headed for Retirement

After almost 40 years of service, an icon of downtown Panama City, Fla., soon will go into retirement.

For 51 years, a jet has occupied the marina mall as a symbolic homage to the military. With the Marina Redevelopment Project slated to begin this summer, the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) first has a couple of formal steps before proceeding.

“We want to have a nice retirement ceremony for that jet,” said William Whitson, CRA director. “We will announce what we are going to do to honor the military and to show that we appreciate and respect the long tenure between the military and the city.”

Removing the McDonnell F-101 Voodoo, a 1950s-era fighter retired from active service decades ago, is unavoidable, according to Whitson.

For the complete story by Zack McDonald of The (Panama City) News-Herald, click here.

Updated: January 15, 2013 — 3:33 PM

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