Wright Flyer: Free Online Drawing

Wright Flyer: Free Online Drawing

This wonderful Wylam drawing of the Wright Flyer from the Air Age Archive will answer a lot of technical questions about how wing warping works and the geometry of things like the flying/landing wires and the dimensions of the canard and rudder surfaces. The three-view is so complete a model could easily be built from this single sheet. Even better, the quality of the PDF is so high, you could print it and frame it. Who cares if they were the first to fly, the Wrights were the first to make a truly controllable airplane and this drawing shows how they did it. The control system is obviously well thought out and viable. Download it here.

Updated: May 14, 2013 — 4:34 PM


  1. Is there a way to download more than a postage-stamp sized copy of the Wright Flyer drawing? That may be the reason why you have no comments to this offer.

    1. Yes there is a way, and I found it. Thanks

      1. can you tell me how to download it in viewable size??

  2. My machine could never even download a small, let alone, regular sized picture.

  3. Excellent PDF file in high resolution. Thank you.

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