Warbirds over Delaware 2009

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2009 Carl Haugerís Warbirds over Delaware

Few giant-scale modelers and even fewer RC warbird lovers have not heard of the famous gathering military aircraft in Kirkwood, DE. Whether you prefer your warpaint served up in shades of WW I, WW II, Korean or Southeast Asian colors, the annual Carl Haugerís Warbirds over Delaware (CHWOD) meet is always an exciting mosaic of aviation history. Held this year at the Lums Pond State Park on the weekend after the 4th of July, this event starts seeing RVs, campers and trailers arrive on the Thursday before show weekend. Though itís more than two decades old, this ever-popular meet remains fresh and new thanks to the tireless work and efforts that the members of the Delaware R/C Club pour into it. The eventís co-directors Dave and Pete Malcione are always on hand to make sure everyone has a great time. The thunderous commentary provided by announcer Fast Eddie Leuther kept everyone entertained and well informed. From the early morning pilot safety meetings and the Saturday evening BBQ, to the huge 40 x 80 foot aircraft storage tent and flightline traffic management, everything about this warbird gathering runs safely, smoothly and very efficiently.

Though the majority of the weekend is for flying heavy-metal WW II warbirds, a very popular part of the weekend is the mass takeoff and flight of dozens of WW I aircraft. This new tradition started at last yearís CHWOD eventóall the WW I biplanes that could be accommodated were all lined up and started at once for a Le Mans-style start. Last year, the grand total was an impressive 22. With the aid of 2.4GHz radio technology, this yearís collection of intrepid aviators, chasing one another in the grand fur ball was bumped up to 33. It was truly an amazing sight!

If youíve never experienced the fun and excitement dished up at this event, youíre really missing something special. Hope to see you there next year!

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