Travel Club takes passengers back to excitement of air travel

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DETROIT, (August 17, 2010) ñ Nomads, Americaís only surviving air travel club, celebrates its 45th anniversary during a time when air travel has become synonymous with stress.

When Nomads was founded in 1965, it was one of 30 clubs of its kind in America. Today, Nomads is the nationís only surviving travel club, and dropping by its private terminal near Detroit Metropolitan Airport is one of the only ways to find passengers who actually enjoy their entire travel experience — from security screening to landing  — every time.

Forty-five years later, Nomads has been able to do what no other air travel club in America has: stay in business. The founders of the club made a commitment to providing members with the most comfortable, convenient travel experience possible, and that still remains the clubís top priority.

By todayís standards, the club presents a travel experience practically unheard of by offering members free secured parking, no-cost baggage handling, an absence of check-in lines, expedited private security screening, club-class seating on its own Boeing 727 jet, and trip directors who coordinate every aspect and travel with the group to destinations across the country and world.

Despite the recessionís affect on leisure travel, Nomadsí nearly 5,000 members continue to enjoy hassle-free air travel on their ìflying clubhouse,î which aviation safety officials have rated second only to Air Force One.

This week as America celebrates National Aviation Day, Nomads members continue to keep the Wright brothersí legacy alive by reliving times when passengers stepped on and off an airplane with a sense of excitement.

To find out more about Nomads, call 734-941-8000 or visit

Nomads, Americaís finest and only surviving air travel club of its kind, is headquartered at Detroit Metropolitan Airport with 5,000 members as of May 2010. It was founded as a non-profit organization in 1964 by a group of Detroit-area businessmen who loved traveling, with charter members purchasing an Eastern Airlines DC-7. By 1971, membership grew to more than 400 people and the club purchased a prop-jet Lockheed Electra to accommodate 92 passengers.  Nomads took its first around-the-world trip in 1973. The club continued to grow and purchase new planes in the 1970s and 1980s. Their current aircraft, a 1993 Boeing Super 727-200, offers non-stop travel to destinations up to five-and-a-half hours away without refueling. For more information, visit


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