Things to Do on National Aviation Day

Things to Do on National Aviation Day

Dear aviation, are you OK? You’re getting up there in years now, and travelers are taking you for granted.

Almost 112 years ago, when you were first hangin’ out with the Wright Brothers, you were practically a miracle. Now — for a lot of folks — you’re nothing more than a cramped seat from L.A. to New York.  In the U.S., nearly 850 million passengers flew last yearduring the safest period in aviation history — that’s an increase of 2.6% from the year before. Worldwide, more than 3.3 billion flew. That’s a record.

Hey, aviation, that’s kind of impressive. You deserve some respect. Somebody should throw you a damn party. The country needs to give you a day all to yourself. Already done.

For the complete story by Thom Patterson of CNN, click here.

Wright B Flyer photo by Timothy R. Gaffney via Wright B Flyer Inc.

Updated: August 18, 2015 — 12:20 AM
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