On This Day in Aviation History

On This Day in Aviation History

1898 – Birth of William Edwin Jenkins, British World War I flying ace.

1910 – Walter Brookins attains an altitude of 6,175 feet in a Wright biplane, becoming the first to fly a mile high and wins a prize of $5,000 for his feat.

1933 – Flying their Lockheed Sirius “Tingmissartoq” (shown), built in 1929 and used for the 1931 survey flight of Alaska, the North Pacific and China, Charles Lindbergh and his wife begin a major route-proving tour of the North and South Atlantic.

1944 – Death of Ingvar Fredrik Hakansson, Swedish World War II pilot in the Royal Air Force.

1945 – A Royal Canadian Air Force Supermarine Spitfire from Rivers, Manitoba, photographs the eclipse of the sun for the first time in history; the images are made at 34,000 feet.

1976 – First flight of the Antonov An-32, a Russian twin-engined turboprop military transport.

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