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NASA DFRC is trying to resurrect F-16XL-1 (SN 75-0749).  We have a flight manual supplement (that is badly in need of revision most likely) and an F-16A flight manual, so I think we have enough information to operate the basic airplane.  What we cannot find and therefore do not have is a pilot procedures document for the DFCS modification that provides a basic system description, normal pilot procedures (including pre-flight BIT), and emergency procedures.  If someone in Ft. Worth (active or retired) has a copy of whatever documentation was created back in the late 1990s about those topics, we would really appreciate a copy.  We will try an engine run possibly as early as mid-week next week for basic systems operation and leak checks, then go into a six month (estimated) TCTO phase to bring the aircraft into flyable condition for an FCF flight late in the year.  This, of course, depends on funding and priorities, so donít quote me.  But that is the general plan.  We will probably fly the aircraft with a PW-220 engine initially until we see what research the aircraft might do, and then there is talk of a PW-229 or GE-129 engine (small inlet).

Please let me know if you can help us on the DFCS pilot procedures.

Jim Smolka

NASA DFRC Research Pilot


Updated: July 18, 2011 — 3:26 PM
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