Before Its Name Was Mitchell: Free Wallpaper

Before Its Name Was Mitchell: Free Wallpaper

In response to a 1938 USAAC request for a twin-engine light attack bomber, North American Aviation submitted a prototype they designate NA-40. Powered by two P & W R-1830s eventually developing 1,600 hp each, the prototype crashed. But we would hear from it again. Visualize the NA-40 with a much wider fuselage and side-by-side cockpit but basically the same wing and tail. Yes, the NA-40 was redesigned as the NA-62 known to the world as the iconic B-25 Mitchell.



Updated: July 14, 2016 — 10:32 AM


  1. I flew the B-25J which was later converted to an N model for several years and found the plane to be an excellent Instrument platform but very noisy. All over, it was a great plane to fly, Comfortable and roomy and very reliable although the old Wright 2600s did leak a lot of oil. I am permanently deaf in my left ear as a result of the many hours in it but every hour was enjoyable.

  2. Thanks for the picture and history. Good stuff.

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