Miramar Air Show Canceled

Miramar Air Show Canceled

The air show planned for this weekend at the Miramar Marine Corps Air Station near San Diego has been canceled, U.S. Marine Corps officials announced Thursday. While it wasn’t immediately clear whether the move was tied to the partial shutdown of the federal government that began Tuesday, Marine officials confirmed later Thursday the show was canceled as a result of the shutdown.

In a message posted on Twitter, Marine officials said they would provide more information about the air show’s cancellation at a news conference this morning. The show, often billed as the most heavily attended in the nation, had already been undercut by the federal budget restraints known as sequestration. Because of the sequester cuts, no military planes would fly in the two-day show.

The U.S. Navy’s famed demonstration team, the Blue Angels, had been set to be the headliners. All participation in air shows by military aircraft was canceled by the Department of Defense in March, leading to the immediate cancellation of some shows.

For the complete story by Tony Perry of the Los Angeles Times, click here.

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  1. Well, leave it o the Los Angeles Times to get the info wrong. First, the Blue Angels were canceled many months ago by the DoDas a response to the “sequester”. On this cancelation, the base Commander said he got a call from “the Pentagon” ordering him to close the show, even though it was to be an all civilian air show, with no military assets flying at all (there were going to be some static display military aircraft, but they are at the base anyway).
    In 2012 the Miramar Air Show NETTED about one MILLION dollars, even after paying for the fuel, including the military’s fuel use! By canceling this years show after t-shirts, runway fees and other expences have already been paid out, the producers will LOOSE about $350,000. Way to go Barry! By the way, what was your grade in Harvard’s Economics class?

    1. Tim:

      Actually, the Times story did indeed say the Blues were canceled back in March; did you read the full story? As to your point about the static displays, that’s indeed correct, according to the person I spoke with earlier this week at the museum. If your comments about the show’s financials are true, then all I can say is it’s really a shame this year’s event was axed.

      Mike H.
      Online editor

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