Loss, Gain in the Family

Loss, Gain in the Family

This little tale doesn’t involve the loss of a family member, at least not a member with flesh and blood. If you’re the kind of person who counts sheet metal and oil count in that definition, then, well, OK, my good friend and fellow aviation blogger Dan Linn did lose someone this summer: his beautiful 1956 Cessna 170B.

You may remember that polished beauty from another FlightJournal.com post of mine here.  Thankfully, his bird wasn’t a victim of poor pilotage (Dan’s an excellent stick and a taildragger vet). Instead, the Cessna lost a battle of ergonomics, economics and just plain timing.

See, Dan is the proud papa of a bouncing baby boy; his wife Candice gave birth to Brennen Dean Linn, the couple’s first child, back in April. Sure, Brennen and the B could get along swimmingly in a perfect world, but the Cessna’s size and expenses, combined with the shift in Dan’s priorities made the choice a clear one. So, after showing N3467D to a number of folks over the course of a few months, Dan and a buyer from Minnesota struck a deal for the 170 back in June.

I insisted Dan blog about the experience of selling his 170 and he recently did so here. I know airplane buffs of every stripe will enjoy his bittersweet post, which contains some great photos, so go check it out.

Photo by Dan Linn

Updated: September 3, 2013 — 6:48 PM
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