Kansas B-29 Being Restored to Fly

Kansas B-29 Being Restored to Fly

A Boeing B-29 Superfortress is being restored back to flying condition in Kansas. “Doc” was moved to Wichita in 2000 from a California desert and a group called Doc’s Friends is now hoping to get the plane back in the air.

“This was the place that it really needed to be and the fact that it was built here, there was a natural connection to Wichita,” said Tony Mazzolini, discovered “Doc.” He found “Doc” in the Mojave Desert in 1998 and has been working ever since to get it restored.

For the complete story and video by John Snyder of KSNC-TV, click here.

Updated: March 13, 2013 — 9:24 AM

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  1. Regarding the article “The Last Torpedo” – the photo on page 41 shows an AD taxiing forward and is labeled as preparing to launch. Judging from the fact that there is no ordinance on the wing hard points and that the wings are folded, I would say that this plane has just landed and is taxiing forward. I was in VF 52 which had F-9-F’s but I saw many of those great AD’s taking off and landing. It was great to see them lift on their struts when holding the brakes and reving up that big four bladed prop.
    Jim Webb

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