Historic Flight’s MiG-29 Completes Flight Testing

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On Wednesday, February 9, the Historic Flight Foundation’s MiG-29UB completed its 5-hour flight test program and is now certified for normal flight operations. The FAA-mandated Phase 1 flight testing required 5 hours of flight time during which the aircraft demonstrated every capability it will need during normal flight operations. Rolls, loops, dives and climbs, afterburner takeoffs, high-altitude flight, everything was tested to confirm that the aircraft is airworthy, and N29UB passed every test with flying colors. As owner and co-pilot John Sessions said, there were “no squawks,” meaning no mechanical failures or odd behavior on the part of the aircraft (although an unusual amount of smiling was done by her crew). John attributes the perfect performance of the airplane to stout Russian engineering, stating that, “In terms of simple durability and ease of maintenance these aircraft are stellar, we could go fly again today as soon as we pack the ‘chute.” John also revealed that “I believe it is fair to characterize this as the first U.S. MiG-29,” as it is the first such aircraft to complete flight testing and be certified for normal operations. The Historic Flight Foundation still plans to sell their 1989 MiG-29UB to a private collector in order to support their collection of 1927-1957 aircraft.

You can find a gallery of photos from the flight test program here: http://www.icehawkmedia.com/historic-flight-foundation-mig/flight-test-program/
There is also a video that includes some amazing footage shot by the flight crew during the last day of flight testing: 

Updated: July 18, 2011 — 3:23 PM
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