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“Hauling Cargo” Wasn’t Easy

Read with interest Mr. Renner’s article on Jacques Young in the latest issue of Flight Journal. It so happens Young and I were both in the 3rd Air Commando Group. Difference was he flew a P-51 and I the C-47 or as you described “Hauling Cargo,” which wasn’t as easy as it sounds. I can almost guarantee we came back from our supply missions with more bullet holes than did most of the 51’s. When you are slowed down to 100mph and 50 feet off the ground on a drop, you are fair game to a lot of ground fire.
Best always and say hello to Budd for me.
Jim Gorman.
Thanks, Jim. To readers: Jim is a friend and the real deal. Plus he owns a Beech Staggerwing. I’m jealous! BD

Updated: August 24, 2015 — 10:27 AM

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