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The 1941 Historical Aircraft Group Museum is pleased to announce the theme for the 2008 Geneseo Airshow, ìthe Greatest Show on Turf.î This year commemorates the 70th anniversary of the Curtiss P-40 ìWarhawkî and it is the intention of the 1941 Historical Aircraft Group to celebrate this anniversary by honoring the people and planes that made that aircraft one of the most famous and recognized of World War II. We invite you to attend the: ìFLYING TIGERS REUNIONî

  This event could possibly be the most talked about aviation event of 2008 owing to its unique subject. With over 13,700 Curtiss P-40s of various model numbers built between October, 1938 and November 1944, it is sad to realize there are only about two dozen flying today in North America. It is the intention of the 1941 Historical Aircraft Group to bring as many as possible of these existing airframes together once again for a definitive reunion. Aviation museums and private collectors from both Coasts of the United States and all parts in between, as well as in Canada, have been invited to be a part of this unique warbird gathering. Not since the 1970’s have there been more than a handful of P-40s together at any one location at the same time and flying together. When one thinks about the success of the recent ìGathering of Mustangs and Legendsî held September, 2007 at Columbus, Ohio, where more than 75 P-51 Mustangs out of the existing 150-plus flying airframes showed up, the 1941 Aircraft Group would be happy to see 50-percent of existing P-40s at its event.

  Sadly, there are hardly any of the original AVG (American Volunteer Group) pilots still alive. One of the last was David Lee ìTexî Hill, who passed away October 11, 2007, at the age of 92. The 1941 Historical Aircraft Group would like to contact any surviving P-40 pilots whether Flying Tiger, 14th Air Force member or others, to invite them to be part of the festivities. Several former employees from the Curtiss factory in Buffalo are planning to attend, as well as crew chiefs and mechanics who serviced the P-40s in the CBI. Anyone who may know the whereabouts of any of the above veterans, please contact us as soon as possible.


  For additional information, please contact Frank Schaufler, Airshow Coordinator at: (585)-392-4859; email:

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