Free Vega Drawings for the Masses!

Free Vega Drawings for the Masses!

It is simply amazing what we keep finding in our backroom here at Air Age Media! The company has been in business for an amazing 85 years (1929) and, for that entire time, has not only been a family business with the same family, but the central theme has always been airplanes. Almost from the beginning, we contracted with the top artists of the day for detailed three-view drawingss of famous airplanes. One of our favorite artists, then and now, was the fabulous William Wylam and we found one of his Lockheed Vega drawings to go with the killer photos in this month’s Gallery. Download a copy that shows what “real” draftsmanship used to look like. This one has pleasing age wrinkles around the edges. We’d guess it was drawn sometime right after WWII, but that’s a guess. Enjoy!

Download it now

Updated: March 3, 2014 — 4:24 PM

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