Fossett and Delore break legendary glider record

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Persistence Pays Off
27th Attempt Over 4 years and 4 Continents Finally Produces a New Speed Record for 1250 Kilometers

Ely, Nevada, USA – Thursday, 12 July 2007 – Multiple world-record-holding glider pilots Steve Fossett (USA) and Terry Delore (NZL) added to their long list of successes today, flying a 1250 Kilometer (777 mile) triangular course in Nevada in 8 hours and 23 minutes at a new world record average speed of 149.23 km/h (92.73 mph)*, finally breaking one of the oldest world gliding records in the book, the last of the major glider records set two decades ago set by the legendary Hans Werner Grosse of Germany. Grosse dominated glider record world records for many years – and at age 85 continues to fly high performance gliders. Grosse’s 1250 kilometer record of 143.46 km/h (89.14 mph) was flown from Alice Springs in the Australian outback on January 10, 1987.
(* pending certification by the FÈdÈration AÈronautique Internationale )
Although Fossett and Delore have set 11 of the 19 unlimited glider speed and distance records together, the 1250 Kilometer Triangle was a special target – and was particularly difficult to break because of the requirement to fly their unpowered glider at high speed over such a long distance.
Steve Fossett related
We have been challenged by this record. We have sought the right conditions for 4 years in Argentina, Australia, South Africa, and USA, and it has taken us 27 attempts to finally get it exactly right. This record is especially satisfying for Terry and me.î
Fossett and Delore celebrated the finish by making low passes over the Ely, Nevada airport while releasing the water ballast from the 87 foot (26.5 meter) wings of their graceful ASH 25 glider.
Next up for Fossett is his induction into the USA’s National Aviation Hall of Fame on July 21, 2007, recognizing his world record achievements in four categories of aircraft: gliders, balloons, airplanes and airships. Delore and Fossett plan to attempt more glider records together in November in Argentina.
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