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Dear Mr. Kress,
I saw you on WDTN “2 News” just now heard you say, Gustave Whitehead’s claim to having made the first powered airplane flight
in 1901 is “bogus” and “there’s no evidence that proves it”.
I invite you to examine the evidence I gathered on my Website,
It was peer-reviewed and confirmed earlier this year. This led to appropriate commemoration
by the government of the state in which Mr. Whitehead lived.
I’m sure you’re aware that
1. from 1903 to 1942, the Smithsonian said there was no evidence the Wrights flew first;
2. then, without citing any new evidence or examining any other claims, it changed its opinion;
3. and from 1948 until 1978 it kept secret a contract with the Wright family requiring it – to this
day – to say the Wrights flew first.
As a fellow historian, I’m sure you agree, anything the Smithsonian states on this matter must
therefore be regarded as biased.

I’d be interested in your own views on this matter; specifically, why you state there is a lack
of evidence to support Mr. Whitehead’s claim.
Best regards,
John Brown

Updated: July 8, 2013 — 3:36 PM
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