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A Heads-up from Mitchellville: the Doolittle/B-25 Reunion at Dayton, OH

As this is being written Air Age Mediaís erstwhile man-on-the-spot, Gerry Yarrish, Senior Technical Editor for Model Airplane News, is wandering around what looks as if it will be the largest gathering of B-25ís since WWII. Sixteen are expected to be on hand. The center piece of all this activity is the celebration of the eight living Doolittle raiders and the four that will be on-site and a memorial for those who have made their last takeoff.

As Gerry sends in photos and videos, weíll endeavor to put them up as soon as we can, sans any narrative. As you will see from the photos following, they need no narrative…they each say all that needs to be said.

After the event, look for a web feature on the event in the Model Airplane News and Flight Journal websites.


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