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Hangar Tales

A Close Encounter North of Hanoi

It was 1967, I was an F-4 IP at the Air Force Fighter Weapons School (FWS), assigned there in May 1965.  My area of expertise was conventional weapons and I had two combat tours in Vietnam flying A-26 (Douglas Version) and AT-28Bs out of Bien Hoa and satellite locations.  Out of the blue I was […]

No Power, No Ejection Seat, No Altitude

It was a nasty early winter day in the Florida Panhandle, with fog, drizzle, and occasional rain as its norm.  I had been directed to fly an AT-28 B [  Navy trainer converted to fighter with nearly P-47 performance ] from Hurlburt to Eglin AFB and get the aircraft there on that day. The ferry […]

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