Baby Boom

Baby Boom

Powered by three 3,5000-pound-thrust, non-afterburning GE eninges, this supersonic aircraft is a 1/3-scale prototype of a commercial vehicle Boom Technologies hopes to see in operation in 2023. The 17-foot-span XB-1 is designed to operate at Mach 2.2! Click here for the full story from Aviation Week.

Updated: November 15, 2016 — 10:17 AM


  1. Interesting, there is not enough room in the fuselage to hold fuel to reach mach 2.2 . Plus it will be a wild ride if it were built. the wingspan is 17ft. Wingspan of the BD-5 Micro Jet was 14ft 6in. So this is 2 foot 6 inches wider than Jim Bede’s Microjet, the Smallest functional Jet in the world for its time.

    This should be interesting to watch. Don’t forget this is not the only game in town. There is Aerion and Spike both which are working on this concept. To get past match 2 is exponentially greater than achieving mach 1.5, 6 or 7.

    There are a number of design issues which are obvious to reach a >2.0M.
    Just an outsiders opinion.

    Pretty Pictures though.

    1. Which part of “a 1/3-scale prototype” did you not see? Reading a word or two of a story and making comments from flawed assumptions makes it seem like you are not terribly bright.

    1. 1/3 scale prototype.

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