B-25 Flight Training

B-25 Flight Training

The ultimate bragging rights for any pilot!

Delaware Aviation Museum foundation (DAMF) is the home of the WW II B-25, Panchito and several other iconic warbirds. Panchito’s owner and the founder of DAMF, Larry Kelley, has gone the extra mile by developing and offering a program that offers not only the opportunity to fly a WW II B-25 but also the opportunity to earn an FAA PIC or SIC type rating as well as introductory flights. The SIC two-day course starts out with a day of ground school that includes in depth instruction on aircraft systems, emergency procedures, flight characteristics and the B-25 history. A great review for any multi-engine rated pilot. Classroom setting is interspersed with “field trips” from the classroom to the Museum’s workshop where students can see the inner workings of the aircraft systems using cutaway parts displays of the engine. Students spend quality time on board the B-25 for cockpit familiarization, gaining a deeper understanding of what makes the B-25 tick.

The second day is spent with “all hands-on deck” where the students perform a thorough pre-flight before taking their place in the cockpit to put the B-25 through her paces. The students’ flight training is from the left seat and covers air work, three takeoff and landing, as well as simulated single engine procedures. At the end of the comprehensive two days of training, students will be issued FAA B-25 SIC type rating by DAMF’s on-staff B-25 Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE) that any pilot would be proud to have on their pilot certificate. Minimum requirements to be accepted into the B-25 flight training program are a US Private Pilot Certificate, a current US third class medical certificate and a US multi-engine rating.


Updated: August 24, 2021 — 11:34 AM

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