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Aussies Get Hi-Tech Observation Plane Demo

Aussies Get Hi-Tech Observation Plane Demo

An Australian aviation company in Hervey Bay, Queensland, could soon be supplying planes to those at the forefront of catching criminals, fighting fires or even protecting nations. Urangan’s Seabird Aviation, which manufactures specialist aeroplanes known as Seekers, demonstrated its new machine at Hervey Bay airport on Thursday.

Police representatives, energy company staff and others were on hand to see the niche aircraft in action. Fitted with futuristic gear – of the type that requires special government clearance just to view it and in the country on loan from America for a week only – the plane was put through its paces.

Seabird Aviation managing director Peter Adams said the Seabird Seeker A3 would be marketed to the military, police and fire and rescue services. “Those groups have always been our market but we’ve got to be able to demonstrate this actually works, and that’s what today was about,” Mr. Adams said.

For the complete story by Mitch Crawley of the SunshineCoastDaily.com, click here.

Photo via Phantomojisan.com

Updated: June 28, 2013 — 8:44 AM
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