Airport Board Hears Plans for Aviation Museum

Airport Board Hears Plans for Aviation Museum

Retired Northwest Airlines captain Steve Van Kirk and his brother Malcolm Van Kirk provided the Potomac Highlands Airport Authority in Wiley Ford, W.Va., with a presentation on a proposed aviation heritage museum at the Greater Cumberland Regional Airport during its monthly meeting Thursday.

“We would like you to think about it a little bit and see if this is something you would even entertain,” said Steve Van Kirk, who indicated that, in the meantime, he would start paperwork for obtaining a nonprofit status. “If it is, then maybe we can get back for a meeting soon to talk about specifics of what kind of rents we would need to pay and how we could structure a way to get this thing started.”

Steve Van Kirk said he would like to have the museum ready to go by April 1 and would have a formal presentation at a later date.

“One of the things that we are bringing to the table is all our stuff,” said Malcolm Van Kirk. “We have hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of stuff that we would like to have on display that people can see.”

For the complete story by the Cumberland Times-News’ Elaine Blaisdell, click here.

Updated: September 30, 2012 — 5:15 PM


  1. Although it sounds neat, seems rather pointless to have such a small museum with planes that rarely fly at an airport that itself is having a ton of problems just trying to get regularly flying aircraft to come in,added to a very small community that pretty much disregaurds the airport…All the airport buisinesses have gone in the last 3-4 years(last attempt at an airport restaraunt only lasted 4 months) and with them most of the traffic….$100 says nothing will come of it but you never know….

  2. Trying to contact a Steve Van Kirk. Seems we are both related to Theodore Van Kirk of the Enola Gay WWII. Thanks if you can help!

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