A Letter to Flight Journal From John Brown Who Unearthed new Whitehead Evidence

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Ladies & Gentlemen,

On your website, you have entered the Wright/Whitehead debate citing ” an effort at maintaining a neutral position”.

I am the historian who uncovered a photo of Mr. Whitehead in powered flight in 1901: click here

My website details the history of Mr. Whitehead: www.gustave-whitehead.com and it adds 83 contemporary newspaper articles to the 3 which were formerly known to have reported Whitehead’s 1901 & 1902 flights: click here

These findings formed the basis for ” Jane’s All the World’s Aircraft”, aviation’s highest authority, to withdraw its recognition of the Wright brothers as having been the first in powered, controled, sustained flight and award it to Gustave Whitehead.

Clearly, the Smithsonian – which you quote – is having trouble adjusting to the new situation. Indeed, due to a contract with the Wrights’ heirs, it can’t. This issue is addressed in an open letter I sent to Tom Crouch 2 days ago: click here

So far, the Smithsonian’s only contribution to the debate has been to recite Orville Wright’s – long since discredited – statement from 68 years ago: click here That’s hardly informative for your readers.

In the interest of aviation and of impartiality, I therefore invite you to examine the new evidence in favor of Whitehead, as Jane’s and others have done.

Best regards,

John Brown

Updated: June 5, 2013 — 11:27 AM
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