47 years ago Apollo 16

47 years ago Apollo 16

The ascent stage of the Apollo 16 Lunar Module (LM) approaches the Command and Service Modules (CSM) during rendezvous, with a contrasting background of darkness and the moon’s Sea of Fertility (Mare Fecundatatis). Taken from the CSM, the photo shows the aft side of the LM during a yaw maneuver.
Note the buckled thermal panels, the rear panels were just a package made of simple mylar foil, the damage probably originated during lift-off. landing and lifting off off the Moon made the panels look worse, because of the the pressure of the maneuvers caused by the burning engines. The damage could do no further harm to the Lunar Module (LM) or the crew.
Messier and Messier A (right center) are among the most readily identifiable features on the surface below. While astronauts John W. Young, commander; and Charles M. Duke Jr., lunar module pilot; descended in the Apollo 16 LM “Orion” to explore the Descartes highlands landing site on the moon, astronaut Thomas K. Mattingly II, command module pilot, remained with the CSM “Casper” in lunar orbit.

Apollo 16, April 23, 1972. source/credit: NASA-JSC.

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