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What is the Aircraft?

What is the Aircraft?

Attached is a picture of my father (tall fellow standing) on an aircraft that appears to be shot down.  My father immigrated from Denmark and joined the Canadian Army, 9 Canadian Field Squadron R.C.E.,formed in England April 1943.   I know he was serving during the campaign in Italy.  This picture came to my attention just last week and I received a copy from my brother.   Being an airplane buff I am wondering what type of airplane is in the photograph.   I have been subscribing to Flight Journal since your first issue.  Great magazine.  Enjoy every word!

Byron Jensen

Drumheller, Alberta.
This seems like a question to be asked of our readers. How about it? BD


Updated: August 24, 2015 — 11:15 AM
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  1. It looks like a B 17, looking forward towards the top turret. I have been a long time subscriber and really enjoy the history and photos that accompany your articles. By the way, reference the Pearl Harbor edition, why hasn’t anyone searched for the two Piper Cubs? Seems like there is a lot of information on the aircraft’s crash location. Thanks for doing such a nice job.

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