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On This Day in Aviation History

On This Day in Aviation History

1912 – The Michelin Cup is won by Samuel Cody after he completes a 186 mile course around Britain, flying a total of 220 miles.

1929 – First flight of the Curtiss Model 54 Tanager (shown), an American light biplane prototype.

1932 – Birth of Edwin Jacob “Jake” Garn,  American politician and U.S. Navy pilot; he became the first sitting member of Congress to fly in space when he served as payload specialist aboard NASA’s Space Shuttle Discovery during mission STS-51-D.

1946 – Death of Harald Auffarth, German World War I fighter ace and post-war instructor who created an aviation school to rebuild the Luftwaffe just before World War II.

1964 – The XB-70A Valkyrie achieves supersonic flight for the first time when it reaches Mach 1.1 above Edwards AFB, Calif.

2010 – Transafrik International Flight 662, a Lockheed L-100 Hercules carrying logistical supplies for NATO forces in Afghanistan, crashes into a mountain just 30 19 miles east of Kabul International Airport. All eight crew members perish.

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