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On This Day in Aviation History

On This Day in Aviation History

1912 – Igor Sikorsky made a 90-minute night flight in his S-8 Malyutka, a two-seat biplane trainer.

1916 – Jan Nagórski (Ivan Nagurski) performs the first loop in a flying boat; the aircraft is a Grigorovich M-9 (type shown).

1930 – Birth of Thomas Patten Stafford, an American former U.S. Air Force officer, test pilot, and NASA astronaut.

1952 – Death of Alan Bott, British World War I flying ace and journalist.

1981 – Near Sardinia, Italy, a U.S. Marine Corps Sikorsky CH-53C Sea Stallion helicopter crashes while attempting to land aboard the USS Guadalcanal during training exercises, killing all five crewmen.

1997 – First flight of the Antonov An-140, Russian turboprop regional airliner.

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