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On This Day in Aviation History

On This Day in Aviation History

1783 – Jacques Alexandre César Charles flies the first balloon filled with gas rather than fire-heated air; he uses hydrogen produced by pouring 489 pounds of sulfuric acid on 1,000 pounds of iron. The balloon has a diameter of 12 feet.

1923 – An Air Union Farman F.60 Goliath crashes near East Malling, Kent, England, due to engine failure and panic among the passengers; one of 13 aboard dies.

1939 – Death of Hiromichi Shinohara, highest-scoring fighter ace of the Imperial Japanese Army Air Service (IJAAF); he is killed by Soviet Polikarpov I-16 fighters in his  Nakajima Ki-27 during a bombing escort mission.

1959 – Birth of Yves Rossy, Swiss pilot, inventor and aviation enthusiast; he becomes the first person to achieve sustained human flight using a jet-powered fixed wing strapped to his back.

1946 – First flight of the Avia S 92.1 Turbina (shown), a Czech-built Messerschmitt Me 262.

2009 – Avianova, a Russian low-cost airline, begins operations.

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