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On This Day in Aviation History

On This Day in Aviation History

1910 – Henri Fabre’s Hydroavion, the first powered seaplane in the world, makes it maiden flight off Martigues, France. The hydroplane flies for about 1,600 feet and reaches an altitude of seven feet.

1912 – Birth of Marina Mikhailovna Raskova, famous Russian navigator and often referred to as the “Russian Amelia Earhart.”

1948 – Boeing B-29 Superfortresses undergo aerial refueling tests (similar shown), demonstrating the viability of this technique to extend the range of strategic bombers.

1960 – Death of Henry John “Hank” Burden, Canadian World War I fighter ace.

2005 – Chicago Express Airlines, an American regional airline also known as ATA Connection, ceases operations.

2011 – British jets bomb ammunition bunkers in southern Libya and destroy 22 tanks, other armoured vehicles, and artillery pieces near Ajdabiya and Misrata.

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