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Museum Not Affected by Airline Shutdown

Museum Not Affected by Airline Shutdown

Officials at the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum say the Yamhill County, Ore., facility will remain open, despite the pending closure of its sister organization, Evergreen International Airlines.

“The Evergreen Aviation Museum has been and remains a separate entity from Evergreen International Airlines,” said spokeswoman Melissa Grace. “The museums would not be here without the financial support of Mr. Delford M. Smith,” she said, referring to the founder the two entities share. “But it does not depend upon the financial support of Evergreen International Airlines for its financial future.”

In November 2012, the state Department of Justice opened an investigation into the financial relationship between the two Evergreen entities, which are legally barred from co-mingling their finances. It has yet to release any findings, but the museum’s executive director, Larry Wood, said he is expecting it to come to a favorable conclusion in the near future.

For the complete story by Nicole Montesano of the McMinnville, Ore., News-Register, click here.

Updated: November 15, 2013 — 10:03 AM

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