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Kudos for the Team

Just because I don’t rip through it immediately does not mean I enjoy Flight Journal any less. The June issue was particularly good.
Robert F. Dorr gets an “Attaboy!” for writing an informed and balanced piece on the F-35; hard to do on that “Too big to fail” program.
“Shadow” (Roy Stafford) has to be the most under-published, excellent aviation writer around. Glad to see him in FJ!
Is there anything Barrett Tillman does not know about things that go bang? Or, in the case of the Mk13 torpedo, may not go bang. And I would have loved to been at the session when the two of you came up with the “Bizarre Victories” idea. Terrific article.
Plus your usual esoteric selections; XA-21;F-89 in Chicago (a favorite airplane since my young years. Remember the box-scale Revell kit?); Royce Williams’ amazing dogfight; and Jim Newman’s wonderful reminisces.
Boom Powell

Thanks — from an old Vigilante driver like you, that means something. Thanks. —BD

Updated: May 21, 2013 — 3:59 PM

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