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Flying the Canadair CL 415 Super Scooper

Flying the Canadair CL 415 Super Scooper

This is outstanding! You just don’t hear much about aerial fire fighting in Europe but these Spaniards have gotten it down! Check out how low they fly over cars, roads and buildings on their way to pick-up water. The pilots are really yanking the controls around when they get close to the fire. This is probably one of the better aerial firefighting flying videos out there.


43 Grupo 2012 from Hidros on Vimeo.

Updated: December 28, 2012 — 4:50 PM


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  1. Great video of what these “Fire Fighters of The Air” do !! However, please leave off the “ear splitting, yelling , screaming, garbage called ‘music’ “……… totally unnecessary! I would much rather listen to the turbines howl than that other stuff!

  2. great video… however, i strongly suspect your target audience would much rather hear the “natural” noise rather than whatever that background noise was.

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