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Cobalt Brings Back the Canard

Cobalt Brings Back the Canard

There’s a new black bird on the horizon. This is the Cobalt Co50 Valkyrie, a new five-seat canard-style aircraft for the refined aviating millionaire. The single-engine piston airplane will top out at 300 miles per hour thanks to its 350 horsepower, with a range of 1,050 1,200 miles.

Cobalt officially unveiled the Valkyrie in San Francisco. In truth, this is the fifth prototype of the plane, and though the engine is installed, it has yet to fly. But founder David Loury promises this is the finally design of the aircraft, and Cobalt is about to get busy delivering it to buyers who have lined up to pay the $699,000 price tag.

“It’s now possible to bring a new aircraft to life,” Loury says.

For the complete story by Andrew Moseman of Popular Mechanics, click here.

Photo by Cobalt

Updated: November 12, 2015 — 10:12 PM

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