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Coast Guard Privateer

It should be noted that the Casey Grande Privateer is a P4Y-2G converted to Coast Guards requirements from PB4Y-2s in the late 1940s.
Please enter “P4Y-2G” in your search browser for details. You should find the U S Coast Guard Aircraft site.
The Privateer shown was probably a fire bomber which explains its survival. I got a hop in a P4Y-2 Privateer while on my annual two week cruise at NAS Sand Point (Seattle) In 1955 for which at I was paid “flight skins.”

My advice to the Casey Grande folks is to maintain it as a P4V-2G in its Coast Guard livery. It is very rare as only 11 were converted. It’s also very handsome in its bare aluminum finish. I t looks much better than the dull, faded blue on most 
”P- 4s”. I think the military designation since 1962 would be HP-4B. 

Bob Ballinger

You’re right: their airplane was a fire bomber for the famous Hawkins and Powers fire operation. Didn’t know it was a Coast Guard bird. BD

Updated: August 24, 2015 — 10:44 AM

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