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Chinese Research Plane Reaches South Pole

Chinese Research Plane Reaches South Pole

Following the icebreaker “Xuelong” and the all-terrain vehicle of the same name, China has for the first time sent a fixed-wing aircraft to the South Pole. The “Xueying,” a Basler BT-67 conversion of a Douglas DC-3, will be tested in the next few days.

According to the State Marine Office, China’s first polar fixed-wing aircraft, the “Xueying 601,” arrived at the airport near China’s first research station in Antarctica on Monday.

The “Xueying 601” – or “Snow Eagle” in English- took off on Nov. 15 from Canada. Eight days later, it arrived at the British research station “Rather.” On Nov. 26, the “Xueying” arrived at the South Pole. Carrying three crew members, the aircraft finally arrived at Chinese research station “Zhongshan” Monday, after a journey of seven hours and 46 minutes from the South Pole.

For the complete story by Huang Jin of People’s Daily Online, click here.

Photo via People’s Daily Online

Updated: December 2, 2015 — 10:07 PM

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