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Canadian Aviation Heritage Centre Unveils Rebuilt Vintage Plane

Canadian Aviation Heritage Centre Unveils Rebuilt Vintage Plane

Saturday was a big day for the Canadian Aviation Heritage Centre in Montreal. Fourteen years after opening shop in an old barn, it unveiled the first of what it hopes will be many replicas of classic Canadian aircrafts.

Volunteers didn’t have much to work with when they rebuilt this vintage plane from the 1920s.

Scarce plans,” Eric Campbell, the centre operations manager told Global News. “There was a sketch . . . photographs . . . and that’s how we built it. As far as I understand there was no true plans, blueprints and whatnot, it was all done by hand.”

The model was based on a Fairchild FC-2 – a plane built in Longueuil, Quebec, that carried out some of the earliest air mail runs, flying out of Chicoutimi. Mark Whittaker, who built the interior, said: “Previously to that they had a rough ride overland to Montreal and Ottawa and this saved them about four days.”

For the complete story by the Globalnews.ca’s Billy Shields, click here.

Updated: October 29, 2012 — 7:23 PM

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