Lockheed PV-2 Harpoon

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The Little Known Warrior The Lockheed PV-2 Harpoon was probably one of the least known bombers of the Second World War, but it is certainly not the least important. In fact, its work as a reconnaissance and patrol aircraft conducted principally in the Pacific Theatre and the difficult sector of the Aleutian Islands, was vital [...]

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On This Day in Aviation History

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1911 – The Curtiss D pusher-engined biplane, with a tricycle landing gear is demonstrated to the U.S. Army; it later becomes Army Aeroplane No.2. 1957 – A Douglas C-47A Skytrain  named “Mt. Pinatubo” crashes on the slopes of Mount Manunggal in Cebu, Philippines; killed are Philippine President Ramon Magsaysay and 24 others. 1963 – Death [...]

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On This Day in Aviation History

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1915 – Birth of Kaj Birksted, Danish World War II flying ace with the Royal Air Force and Danish high-ranking officer post-WWII. 1953 – First flight of the SNCASO Trident (shown), a French mixed power prototype interceptor. 1955 – Trans-Canada Airlines introduced the Vickers Viscount airliner into regular service, making it the first North American airline to use turbine [...]

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Veterans Day and Me: A Personal Essay

Nov 10, 2014 3 Comments by

Although Veterans Day has the stated purpose of remembering the vets and those in uniform, in reality it means different things to different people. For some it is the half-off sales that surround us. For me, it reminds me of one of those could-of-should-ofs that will always haunt me: I never served in the armed [...]

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The Royal Canadian Air Force has quietly turned to an unusual source for spare parts to keep its venerable search-and-rescue airplanes flying: a museum. The Ottawa Citizen has learned that, in July 2012, air force technicians raided an old Lockheed Martin C-130 Hercules airplane that is on display at the National Air Force Museum of [...]

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On This Day in Aviation History

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C-47 ‘Whiskey 7′ Heads Back to the Beach

May 16, 2014 No Comments

The plane has no fixed seats, no flight attendants, no in-flight movie and no bathroom. It is not heated, insulated or pressurized. And on its last tour over France, somebody tried to shoot it down. But on Thursday, a septuagenarian war horse known as “Whiskey 7″ will take off from a grass airstrip in central [...]

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Flying Tigers: How They Got That Name

Nov 15, 2013 2 Comments

Here at the office, we love warbirds! One of our all-time favorites is the Curtiss P-40 Warhawk. Forever connected with the name “Flying Tigers,” it remains a famous icon for the years just before the U.S. entered World War II. When it comes to WWII aviation history, one of the most often asked questions we [...]

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