532nd Bomb Group B-17s in formation – Screen Saver

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Traditionally, we’ve offered some of the fantastic line drawings of  William Wylam, Willis Nye or some of the other classic draftsmen/artists in This time around, however, the Air Age Archive didn’t have any drawings that directly tie to this issue. So, we’re going in another direction and offer a high-quality vintage photograph, in this [...]

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Classics: Curtiss B-2

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Before the Gooney Bird, there was the Condor By Joe Gertler The T-32 design originally focused on The Condor as a twin-engine biplane, bomber, ambulance and troop transport. It was first flown in 1933. Curtiss Company blueprints and reports showed the Condor with its many machine gun ports in the nose, and on the top [...]

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Gallery: Laird LCW-300

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By Budd Davisson One of the more exciting periods of aviation development was also the darkest period in America’s financial history. A completely contradictory statement to be sure, but one has only to look at the decade beginning in 1929 to see that the roots of American aviation were, for some unknown reason, wildly nurtured [...]

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Iconic Firepower: SAM SA-2: The Aviator’s Real Enemy

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By Barrett Tillman In May 1960, a CIA-operated Lockheed U-2 reconnaissance aircraft was destroyed in flight over central Russia. From more than 60,000 feet, Francis Gary Powers parachuted into captivity for two years, giving Moscow a huge propaganda victory over President Dwight Eisenhower, who pledged to stop all overflights. The surface to air missile had [...]

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Fork-Tailed Oddballs

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There’s the P-38 Lightning known and loved by generations — a large, yet lithe twin-engine, twin-boom fighter with an informed sense of streamlining that inspired descriptions like “three bullets on a knife.” The P-38 marched through the war generating alphabetical models through “M” totaling around 10,000 copies. But it would be facile to leave the [...]

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Lightning: The Fork-tailed Devil Revealed

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Is there a more identifiable outline in all of fighterdom, WW I to today, than the Lockheed P-38 Lightning? We don’t think so. No other airframe has emblazoned such a clear image in history’s hall of fame. So, what can be said about it that hasn’t already been said? The answer is “nothing.” The facts [...]

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The art of the nocturnal photographer As a longtime volunteer photographer for the Experimental Aircraft Association at their annual orgy-of-all-things-aerial in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, Phil High will regularly be seen lying on the ground, getting dramatic angles of an airplane. Or homing-in on the details that make that particular airplane different. His photos are often featured [...]

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Hey, That’s My Dad!

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A son finds his father in a fading wartime image By Frederick A. Johnsen Part of the enjoyment of viewing WW II photographs is seeing the never-ending panorama of men and women at work during the war. Young and cocky fighter pilots, winsome women serving donuts or riveting bombers, and mechanics lounging for a moment [...]

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