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Free Online Drawing: FW-190A

Jan 06, 2014 No Comments

This month Flight Journal readers are the winners, when it comes to stuff being lost in our attic. Until John Dibbs offered us his fantastic photos of the Flying Heritage Collection’s one-of-a-kind, original flying FW-190A we’d never poked around in our archives to see what we had in the way of Focke-Wulf drawings. And you [...]

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Volocopter: Man-Carrying Multi Rotor

Nov 25, 2013 No Comments

This emission-free, environmentally friendly helicopter may be the rotorcraft of the future! Designed by German company e-Volo, it has 18 electric motors and can carry two people. After its ground-breaking test flights, the e-Volo managing director commented, “Rich and incredibly quiet sound, absolutely no noticeable vibrations in the flight, convincing structure with a great, new [...]

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Grumman Wildcat: Free Online Artwork

Oct 25, 2013 No Comments

William Wylam was the past master of the detailed three view drawing. For nearly forty years he produced amazing pieces of artwork, many of them for Model Airplane News, Flight Journal’s sister publication. Some of them going back to the 1930’s. The detail, the accuracy and the clarity are awe inspiring. This time around we’re [...]

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Free Online Drawing of Original Ace-Maker

Sep 09, 2013 No Comments

The first verifiable instance of a pilot downing five opponents unaided in one day was Leutnant Fritz Otto Bernert. It was April, 1917 and he was flying an Albatros. Click below to download an amazing three view drawing of the Albatros as only William Wylam could do them. This should go on your den wall! Download it [...]

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Free: Original Drawing of Sikorsky “Le Grand”

Jul 19, 2013 No Comments

When 23 year-old Igor Sikorsky proposed building the world’s biggest airplane and the first four-engine airplane, he was laughed at. However, in 1913, he proved his detractors all wrong, and had taken his first step toward becoming an aviation icon. The drawing we are offering is directly from the Sikorsky Archives and was initialed by [...]

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Hexacopter Films SpaceX Grasshopper

Jul 10, 2013 No Comments

In this video, a hexacopter captures video footage of the SpaceX Grasshopper as it reaches 325 meters (1066 feet)–higher than Manhattan’s Chrysler Building–before smoothly landing back on the pad. Part of a program that intends to test how rockets could return to Earth intact for a vertical landing on the launch pad instead of burning [...]

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Letter to Sciam editor June 29

Jul 08, 2013 No Comments

Dear Mr. Schlenoff, I’m the historian to whose findings you refer in your June 13, 2013 commentary on Connecticut’s commemoration of Gustave Whitehead: I applaud many of your observations, (particularly those regarding the Wrights’ pre-1905 flight claims and their patent litigation), others need commentry themselves. Citing “first and second place revisionism” by “partisan supporters”, [...]

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Email to Brady Kress, CEO, Dayton History

Jul 08, 2013 No Comments

Dear Mr. Kress, I saw you on WDTN “2 News” just now heard you say, Gustave Whitehead’s claim to having made the first powered airplane flight in 1901 is “bogus” and “there’s no evidence that proves it”. I invite you to examine the evidence I gathered on my Website, It was peer-reviewed and [...]

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