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Fw 190A-2 Yellow 16 rises from the deep

Jan 28, 2007 No Comments

December 15, 1943 Fw-190A2 ‘Yellow 16′ took of from the airfield Herdla in Norway. Shortly after takeoff, the pilot experienced engine trouble and had to make a controlled emergency landing on the water near the village of Solsvika west of Bergen. Almost 63 years later, on November 1, 2006, the aircraft got air under its wing again, when it was raised from a depth of 60 meters after a 5 hour recovery operation.

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World’s only flyable B-29 needs help to return to flight

Jan 27, 2007 No Comments

The Commemorative Air Force’s B-29 Fifi – the world’s only flyable B-29 – has been temporarily grounded by engine problems. To return the rare airplane to flight, the B-29/B-24 Squadron must raise a minimum of $3 million to custom fit the plane with new engines. The process will take at least two years, but without the updated engines the aircraft will continue to experience the same engine problems that have plagued it in the past.

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Vietnam Memorial Flights: Your chance to fly a Phantom!

Jan 01, 2007 No Comments

Advanced program allows pilots to fly in the F-4 Phantom II and TA-4J Skyhawk.
The F-4 Phantom II and TA-4J Skyhawk are the most recognized fighter jets of the Vietnam War. Both are well known for being fast, highly maneuverable and lethal. The Collings Foundation, based in Stow Massachusetts, saw the importance of preserving these legendary jets for Civilian Flight Training Programs and “living history” events. The Foundation is now offering, for the first time ever, flight experiences to members of the public.

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Uncovering the USS Macon: The Underwater Airship

Jul 23, 2006 No Comments

The military zeppelin USS Macon was meant to be a floating American aircraft carrier over the Pacific Ocean — but it crashed, sank and has been lying on the ocean floor for more than 70 years. Now scientists have discovered and documented the unique wreck off the coast of California.The tragedy unfolded unusually slowly for [...]

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