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Fourth of July: The Birth of a Nation, Celebration of a Culture

Jul 02, 2015 No Comments by

Eleven score and nineteen years ago, our great, great, great, great, great, great. great grandfathers put their butts on the line to create a new nation and, to follow Abe’s words more precisely, the new nation was “…conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.” Although he was dedicating [...]

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A Day to Remember and to Honor

May 25, 2015 No Comments by

This is going to sound trite, because it IS trite. It is me, representing the old fashioned, hardcore America, once again reminding the Nation that Memorial Day is not about hot dogs, baseball games, or making cannonball splashes in the pool. Memorial Day is about white stone monuments reaching to the horizon. Each with a [...]

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Lockheed PV-2 Harpoon

May 08, 2015 No Comments by

The Little Known Warrior The Lockheed PV-2 Harpoon was probably one of the least known bombers of the Second World War, but it is certainly not the least important. In fact, its work as a reconnaissance and patrol aircraft conducted principally in the Pacific Theatre and the difficult sector of the Aleutian Islands, was vital [...]

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Germany’s V-1 Buzz Bomb – Iconic Firepower

May 07, 2015 No Comments by

The first effective drone. Gerhard Fieseler remains one of the most unappreciated airmen of the 20th century. At age 22, Fieseler came to prominence as Germany’s leading World War I ace on the Eastern Front, scoring 19 victories. A world-class aerobatic pilot, by 1930 he earned enough to buy out a sailplane company that became [...]

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Do It Now

Mar 24, 2015 No Comments by

Living history has a shelf life, and the expiration date cannot be extended. I’ve been interviewing WW II veterans since the early 1970s when I got serious about writing history, and it’s been a bittersweet experience. Anyone who’s made a career documenting aviation (or anything else) will tell you the same thing: you make older [...]

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DC-3 Gooney – Memories of First Flight

Jan 20, 2015 No Comments by

Everyone has a first flight: Mine was in a Gooney Life is a million episodes stitched together to form a ragged continuum. However, regardless of how many episodes are involved, there is always the first one. This is especially true of those of us who have lived a sizeable portion of our lives in the [...]

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Veterans Day and Me: A Personal Essay

Nov 10, 2014 3 Comments

Although Veterans Day has the stated purpose of remembering the vets and those in uniform, in reality it means different things to different people. For some it is the half-off sales that surround us. For me, it reminds me of one of those could-of-should-ofs that will always haunt me: I never served in the armed [...]

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The Fourth of July: Celebrating The Original “Greatest Generation”

Jul 03, 2013 No Comments

To most, the Fourth of July is a montage of red-white-and-blue images: warm days, fireworks, patriotic words, barbeques and bright and hopeful celebrations. Only a few remember the men behind the day. Only a few celebrate the real “Greatest Generation.” I’m not the first to recognize that the much-heralded WW II vets are definitely not [...]

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